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Application fee (non-refundable) includes access to our on-line application.

Summer 2022 New Member Rates

Family Bonded Membership – $1,000 (includes first bond installment)

Family Seasonal Membership – $1,000


Benefits of Bonded Membership

Becoming a bonded member is the best way to guarantee renewal of your membership each year as seasonal memberships are limited and require you to rejoin each spring on a first come first serve basis.  Other benefits of bonding include:

  • Lower yearly dues
  • “On hold” option available
  • Voting privileges on club business
  • Investment in a five acre property
  • Discounts on various fees

Once the bond is paid in full, you become a part owner of the Club and your bond becomes refundable to you when you resign and a new member takes your place in the Club.  The bond is $800 and may be paid in full or in installments over a one year period.


Willow Grove is at full membership for the 2022 summer. 

Pay our application fee today to join our wait list for the 2023 summer season and we will timestamp your place in line.  

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