1. Swim meets are about 3 hours long.   Some facilities may not have enough seats so it is advisable to bring your own folding chairs.  If bringing in younger siblings, please bring activities to entertain them.  Swimmers can bring books, cards, electronic devices, etc.  

2. Parking is usually at a premium so please get there early.

3. Swimmers must stay with their teammates at the team's designated area.  They should have their own towels, goggles, caps, etc. in their own bag.

4. Bring extra towels or a blanket for swimmers to sit on. It is advisable for swimmers to bring sweats shirts and/or sweat pants for use when they get out of the pool.

5. To avoid cramps, swimmers should not eat a big meal before or during a meet.  You can pack light snacks for your swimmers or allow them to purchase items at concession stands at the meet.  

6. If swimmers must leave the team's designated area for bathroom breaks or snacks, they must tell the marshals they are leaving and return quickly so they won't miss their race.

7. Most swimmers will participate in two races, sometimes more. It is important to stay until the end of the meet because swimmers may be needed for relay teams. All races and heats are posted at each meet.

8. Coaches must be informed in advance (if possible) if swimmers will not attend a meet.   Line ups are done several days in advance and it is important to let the coaches know if your swimmer won't be there.

9. Evening meets start at 5:15 pm for warm up and morning meets start at 8:30 am.  It is important to be present for warm up. 

10.  An adult member from each family is expected to work at three swim meets during the season, plus the championships.  Sign ups are sent out via email or you can reach out to the swim team coordinator.  We need your help!  

11. The end of season picnic and awards presentations will be held at WGSC after the championships usually around 12 pm.